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Atheneum seeks to harmonize information and values formation in order to nurture a community of learners who are articulate, critical, creative, innovative, productive, responsible, self-directed, socially sensitive and caring.

Guided by this vision, we are committed to provide quality education by employing traditional teaching methods as well as progressive techniques. We don’t merely teach what is, who is, when or where, but more importantly, we ask why and how.

Our School

The ATHENEUM was conceived in response to a great need. Well-meaning residents of Cavite City Noveleta, Kawit, Rosario, Gen. Trias, Tanza, and other nearby towns, either send their children to perceived quality schools in Metro Manila or make do with neighbourhood schools. In the first case, the rigors and travails of daily travel, tax the children’s health not only because of distance but more so because of the chaotic traffic becoming increasingly difficult each day. In addition, street and drug crimes and pollution in exceedingly congested Metro Manila are sources of parental nightmares.

S.Y 2020-2021

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ATHENEUM provides a safe environment where children can explore a variety of actual materials, equipment and learning experiences suitable to their level. ATHENEUM also coordinates with the child’s parents so that there is consistency in the effort of developing the child to the fullest.

Atheneum E-Learning Management System (ELMS)

Through our ELMS, we provide our students with the right tools to help facilitate student learning from a distance.

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