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CAT I initiates fundraising activities for charity

By: Moises Antonio Castro and Eli Knicole Corpuz


The Citizenship Advancement Training (C.A.T. I) launched fundraising activities for charity.

In an interview, C/Col. Misa, Danica Ricci R., Corps Commander said that she is happy that even though they are still students, they already have capability to help others.

“It really makes me glad that even though we’re still young, we already have an impact on our community,” C/Col. Mis said.

She also added that they do their best to extend a helping hand to those who need it most and proves that age is not a hindrance to help others.

These fundraising activities include bottle collection, Zumba, food fair, garage sale, coin banks, and caroling.

First, the bottle collection of the CAT I targets too reduce the number of plastic bottles in the school and selling them to a junkshop.

The bottle collection is done both High School Department and Elementary Department.

Meanwhile, the food fair aims to offer delicates which are not available in the canteen at an affordable price.

On the other hand, the garage sale intends to sell old stuff or unused stuff of the Grade 10 at a cheaper price.

Moreover, the coin banks encourage each class to put coin banks as donation.

Furthermore, the Grade 10 students had sung to selected houses in Camella Subdivision, Costa Verde Subdivision, Remelville Subdivision and VFL Subdivision during their caroling.

Lastly, the First Zumba session spearheaded by the Charlie Officers held last December 9, enabled the CAT-I unit to promote fitness and at the same time raise funds.

“If one wants to help, then he or she will always find ways to do so and it’s gratifying to see that Amcanians are like that,” C/Col. Misa said.


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