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Theater stages 1st production

By: Jazryl Galarosa


Atheneum Theater Has completed the run of its first production in the High School Department, December 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16, 2017.

In their first season, Atheneum Theater showcased “What If? Life is but a Dream”, collection of four short plays (where students wrote and directed three of them) to high school, students at the Alex A. Laserna Friendship Hall and Sports Complex.

Mrs. Diana LAserna-Cosejo, the moderator of Atheneum Theater, expressed her joy as she that their first production was a success.

“All five shows had an audience count that ranged 10-130. The parents were more than pleased, and several Amcanians expressed surprise, saying that the production exceeded their expectations. Guests were impressed with how the actors delivered their lines particularly, with how well they spoke English, It was heartwarming to see several Amcanians, parents and teachers who watched the show more than once. Everyone was telling us 50 pesos for the show was more than worth it,” Mrs. Cosejo stated.

With the success of their first production, Mrs. Cosejo added that they will do a re-run of the theater production for the Grade Five and Grade Six students.

“Ms. Kate saw the show and the parents saw it, too. She said that it would be good for the higher levels in the elementary. So, maybe on January 18 or 19, it would have its returns” Mrs. Cosejo said.

The school provided the equipment used in the production and is now available for different purposes.

“Atheneum has invested in the light, sounds and set of the play. We are very grateful for that. They definitely can be used for other purposes, and in fact were already used by the elementary department for its Christmas presentation,” she said.

With this, however, she also emphasized that the preparation for the whole show was not easy for the students as they still have their other commitments in school.

“There were rehearsals when we had to go overtime as opening night was fast approaching. The kids sometimes had to stay in school until 8pm. But we made sure to take care of their meals during those days. We are very grateful to the parents for their support and understanding,” Mrs. Cosejo said, adding that the preparation for the production helped the students helped that students developed their time management skills and sort out their priorities.

She also acknowledged the lack of extra credit that the students receive for the work that they put up in the execution of the show.

“I believed that they should get credit for their hard work. Being part of a theater production is no easy task. The training is rigorous and the rehearsals exhausting, but for now the only reward they get is satisfaction and fulfillment of putting up a great show,” she emphasized.

For the next production however, she wanted the members of the cast at least o get credit in their English and Literature classes, as she said they will learn a lot from doing Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Jay Crisostomo, who gave workshops on directing and writing and a three-time Palanca awardee for the play writing, will be directing the next theater production.



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