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Educational Philosophy

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The Philosophy

          ATHENEUM believes that the critical years in a human being life are from birth to six years of age, then seven to twelve and then to adolescence. During these crucial years, basic character, values, abilities, personality skills, aptitude, attitudes, and knowledge are formed. These qualities when properly guided and developed, shape the individual overall perspective and preparedness not only for college or university work but also for life itself. Experiences and learning that children undergo during the crucial years of life, have a lasting effect on their intellectual development as well as on the development of their social and physical skills.

          ATHENEUM's education is based on the knowledge that each child is a unique individual with his own biological makeup, interests, capabilities and ways of viewing the world. His understanding of the world maybe different from that of an adult.

          His language will be developed with the acquisition of a wide vocabulary, making him capable of communicating his ideas and feelings. An Amcanian then becomes a critical thinker and a socially sensitive, self-directed, creative, responsible and caring individual.

          ATHENEUM provides a safe environment where children can explore a variety of actual materials, equipment and learning experiences suitable to their level. ATHENEUM also coordinates with the child’s parents so that there is consistency in the effort of developing the child to the fullest.

          The objectives of an ATHENEUM education are therefore:

  1. To develop the child in all aspects - intellectual, physical, moral, social, emotional, and spiritual - so that he may be better prepared to adjust and cope with college or university work or life itself.

  2. To maximize the student’s potential through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful experiences considering his uniqueness, interests and capabilities.

  3. To make every Amcanian a self-propelling, thinking contributing and productive individual, able to make decisions which will prepare him for the more complex demands of future life.

The Methodology

          ATHENEUM believes that the effectiveness of instruction is not a monopoly of any particular method. It depends upon the circumstances of the learner, including his age, level, parentage, neighborhood, etc. Thus, ATHENEUM combines the best features of the time-tested traditional method and the modern (typified by Montessori, LI., or tutorial). This is called the ECLECTIC Method. This serves as the base of the ATHENEUM Method where parents are also requested to participate in tracking and setting strategies for the development of the student. Thus, regular dialogues are scheduled between the class adviser and the parents of the child.

          ATHENEUM generally observes a teacher-to-student ratio of one teacher to every 20 pupils in Division I (Nursery-Grade 2) and one teacher to every 30 pupils or students in Divisions 2 and 3 (Grade 3-High School 4) to assure personalized attention to each and every pupil or student, thereby maintaining the best possible quality of instruction'.

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