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          ATHENEUM has a Board of Consultants connected with International School, U.P., Ateneo, De La Salle, Brent, Assumption, Mirriam and other schools generally accepted as the quality schools in the country. The ATHENEUM Board meets with consultants regularly to avail of their expertise on specific issues affecting the quality of ATHENEUM.

           ATHENEUM will also develop linkages in Europe and U.S.A. where exchange programs will be explored and harnessed to continuously upgrade faculty, facilities, and studentry.

           ATHENEUM parents are our PARTNERS in the task of educating our students. We operate on open door policy and welcome your questions and suggestions for the best interests of the students.

The Atheneum Advantage

           The thrust of ATHENEUM is to always provide its pupils and students an advantage over their counterparts in other schools. This is done by a system of advanced lessons from level to level. Thus, our Grade One pupils know more than their peers in other schools.

           The Atheneum Advantage is demonstrated in many ways such as advance placements in US and Canadian schools where Amcanians are placed one level higher than the norm. For example, a pupil who completed his Grade 2 at the Atheneum was placed at Grade 4 in the USE, thereby bypassing one level (Grade 3). Similar cases were reported by grateful parents in Canada and elsewhere.

           Eight out of ten Amcanians are accepted either by UP, Ateneo, or La Salle where the national admission ratio is one of ten applicants.


           Over the years, Atheneum has emerged as center for academic excellence. Atheneum has garnered numerous recognitions and awards such as:

  • Most of our graduates re admitted by the best universities in the Philippines where the rate of admission is two (2) for every ten (10) applicants.

  • In 30 years of Atheneum, we have produced over 60 alumni who graduated either as Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude or Cum Laude from UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and other universities.

  • Many of our Alumni who are poor but bright are awarded scholarships by UP, Ateneo, La Salle and other universities.

  • Throughout the period that the National Elementary Achievement Test (NEAT) and National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT) were being administered, Atheneum has had a 100% passing rate with a school average above 90% and as high as 92.69%.

  • 1996 Champion of champions, Oratorical Contest in English, National Level, organized by Rotary Club.

  • No.1, DECS Summative Test for high school juniors in 1999, besting other private schools.

  • 2004 Champion, Inter-High School Debate Tournament, organized by Rogationist College, Silang Cavite (also received special awards such best debater and best coach).

  • First Place, Essay Writing Contest, Environmental Science Awareness Program, Division and Regional Level, 2007.

  • Has dominated the contest entitled: Araw ng mga Bayani ng Noveleta, wherein the school placed first in Poster Making, Slogan Making, Essay Writing, and Declamation.

  • Has consistently topped the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) since 1999; has placed numerous times and has represented Cavite and Region 4 in the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) and National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) , and the Chemistry Olympiad (2012).

Tradition of Excellence

           Even before the advent of K-12, Atheneum High School required Biology 2, Chemistry 2, Physics 2, College Algebra, Calculus and Logic, thus providing competitive advantage to our students.

           Atheneum’s policy of competitive advantage will certainly be pursued and sustained even with the K-12. In other words Atheneum will require and make available more then K-12.

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