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          The school clinic is responsible for safe guarding health of the students within the campus. It aims to ensure access to primary health care which deals with medical situation, health screening, and identifying the solution of the student’s health problem.

Type of Services

  1. Administer first aid - this includes giving medication (over-the-counter), dressing of wound, applying elastic bandages/splints, hot and cold compress etc.

  2. Administer medication - over-the-counter medicine

  3. Provide screening (weight/height), vision, hearing - acquire the student’s respective weight and height. And to check if has eye and ear problem.

  4. Taking vital signs - essential in comparing the student’s condition whether they aren’t healthy.

  5. Physical exams - to assess which area of the student’s health needs attention.

  6. Hygiene program - head check (for head lice), hand washing.

          The school must provide all the necessary materials/equipment in the clinic in order to provide proper care to every students

Sending Home Procedures

  1. The nurse will inform the parent/guardian about the condition of the student.

  2. Student must stay in clinic until his/her parent/guardian while waiting to be fetch by his/her parent/guardian.

  3. The school nurse will fill up the departure slip (two copies) on student handbook and will be signed by adviser/subject teacher and the principal.

  4. Upon leaving the school, 1 copy of Departure slip will be given to duty Security guard for recording

Readmission of Student Procedures

  1. Student must present medical certificate from his/her doctor, stating that he/she is physically fit to go back to school, especially to those student who diagnosed with contagious/communicable disease.

  2. In case that the student will not able to present medical certificate, he/she will be sent home to prevent the spread of the communicable disease.

  3. Student/employee will be readmitted if step 1 was done.

Procedures in Case of Accident

  1. First aid shall be given to student/ employee.

  2. Inform immediately the parent/guardian regarding the status of the student.

  3. If the student needs to be brought to the hospital, the parent/guardian will be asked if they have preferred hospital for their child (see Student Health Record Form).

  4. Notify office for transport arrangement.

  5. Inform the parent/guardian that the students have individual insurance. Medical expenses will be reimburse. Meaning the expenses will be shoulder first by parent/guardian first then will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

  6. Make sure to fill up all the details needed regarding the accident.

Procedures in Filing Insurance Claims

  1. Fill up the insurance form.

  2. Claimant’s information must be fill up by the student/parent/guardian (patient’s information).

  3. If below 18 years old parent/guardian must sign the form (with their relationship to the patient).

  4. Attending Physician statement to be fill up by his/her doctor.

  5. Attachment of the following requirements:

  1. Official Receipt of all medical expenses (original copy)

  2. Prescription from the doctor

  3. Medical Certificate (if prolonged leave is needed)

  1. After completing the requirements, the form will be submitted to the School Nurse.

  2. Deadline of submission is 30 days prior to the date of accident.

  3. Released of check voucher is 2-3 weeks or depends on insurance processing.

  4. Check voucher will be name after the person who shouldered the expenses.

  5. Voucher shall be given to Miss Myrna Monton by insurance company for release.

  6. Inform the patient/parent/guardian that the voucher is ready for pick up to Miss Myrna Monton.

Student Services

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