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       The School Clinic primarily plans and implements all activities and procedures designed to improve the current health status of students and employees. This covers appraisal of students’ health, prevention and control of diseases, prevention, and correction of physical defects through referrals, health guidance as well as supervision and emergency care. Since health education gives more emphasis on students’ development to be active and alert in mind and body, the clinic ensures maximum safety in our field of endeavor. We tackle all of these by integrating learning from different areas concerning health. The clinic serves as the instrument edifices being built to maintain health and safety among students.

        The School Clinic is located in Room 210 of the Main Building.

        The following are the services offered by the School Clinic:

                1. Medical attendance is limited to students who suffer minor ailments or are suddenly taken ill or suffer any kind of injury resulting from accidents occurring within the premises of the school.

               2. Medical attendance provided is in the nature of first aid. Emergency and life-threatening cases are immediately referred to the nearest hospital or any hospital of the patient’s choice. The necessary remedies and treatments are given to enable the student to reach the nearest hospital under proper care.

               3. Medicines are dispensed for symptomatic relief of headaches, cough, colds, abdominal pain, allergy, and diarrhea unless otherwise noted in writing by the student’s parents or the student himself if he/she has any history of allergy to certain drugs.

               4. The Clinic keeps the Student's Health Inventory Record. This helps the clinic nurse give better medical services and attention to the students, especially in emergencies when vital medical information is needed.

               5. Vaccinations against certain diseases like influenza, hepatitis, typhoid fever, chicken pox, and COVID-19 must be updated by the parent at the start of the year.

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