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Assembly of Class Presidents

Assembly of Class Presidents (ACP)

         The ACP is composed of student leaders – class presidents of all grade level section. It serves as the highest governing body of all studentry.

         This year, the ACP will bring student-initiated projects online to expand the lines of communication between the school and the student body. This movement has already begun with the launch of “Show Yourself Campaign” and “I AM, I CAN” Facebook pages. It will continue to disseminate relevant and useful information and organizing projects and activities that are aligned with the school’s values and brings out the talents and the skills of the students.

         Towards the goal of forming “a sound mind, in a sound body,” ATHENEUM provides students with different programs for human formation such as those offered by Sports and Physical Education areas. While the “new normal” has significantly limited close physical interaction in human activities, sports and recreational activities cannot be disregarded as an essential part of a learner’s development.

         To adaptively and creatively overcome impediments, the school’s sports program will be creating opportunities for students to develop their athletic and physical skills even at home.

  1. organizing of online and virtual tournaments;

  2. using social media to share stories, information and other details about sports;

  3. posting videos showing training drills and exercises; and

  4. conducting webinars that will teach sports photography and sports writing among others

Student Services

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