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The Official School Logo

The seal of ATHENEUM School includes the emblems of the principles of man. These two triangles are at first separate:

Higher Spirit


The purpose of the ATHENEUM education is to build the foundation for the development of the mind, body and emotions. ATHENEUM seeks to super-impose the higher on the lower triangle such as the higher triangle becomes manifested in the lower triangle. Once this is done, the higher triangle or man’s divine nature, will be able to express itself through the lower. Then the symbol becomes as shown on the cover.

The lower triangle is an emblem of what concerns the body and the earth. The higher triangle is an emblem of what concerns the soul and the heaven. Without the higher triangle the lower is entirely dominant, and one’s higher nature is still dormant. With the higher triangle the person’s decisions and life style are dictated by his inner higher self, and the personality is an obedient servant to true self.

The figure of human person is aspiring and reaching out, and at the same time offering- to be a man for others. When a person’s inner self dictates his outer existence, then he is a man for others. Then, ATHENEUM’s mission is and will be.

The Atheneum Hymn

We are Amcanians
Oh this name we proudly bear
Thru triumphs and travails
We are one everyone, everytime, everywhere
The odds can not break us
We will overcome
Weld us together
Like the strongest steel.
Oh, hail to thee
Oh glorious Atheneum
Thru victory or thru defeat
Loyal we shall be
Oh, hail to thee
Whatever might be
We're ready at thy call
Forever Atheneum.

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