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Library Services

         The Library is considered an essential component of an educational institution. It caters to the information needs of the community thus, making it a center for providing access to knowledge.
         The Library is located on the second floor, Rooms 203-205 of the Main Building.

Library Hours:
         ATHENEUM Library is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

         All students must register every time they enter the library.

         All students must submit their (1” X 1” & 2” x 2”) ID photo. (2 pcs. each)

Borrower's Card
         Borrower’s Card will be given to all students on their first class visit (or as scheduled by the Lit-Pro Coordinator), to be surrendered at the end of the school year for CLEARANCE.
         Completely filled out Borrower’s Card must be surrendered to the Librarian for replacement.
         Replacement for Lost or Damaged Borrower’s Card may be requested from the Librarian for a FEE (Php 30.00).

Borrowing and Returning
       Students may borrow a maximum of 2 books within their TRR, for home use, for a maximum of 2 days for thin books, and 5 days for thick books.
     Overdue books will be charged Php2.00/book per day except for holidays, academic training, sickness, and suspended classes due to typhoons and other natural calamities.
         Lost or damaged books must be reported immediately to the librarian, to be replaced or paid for at the end of the school year before CLEARANCE.
         Books read in the library must be returned to the Librarian before leaving. No student may leave the books on the table, on the shelves, on the computer table/room, or anywhere in the library and other places on the school premises.

Book Quizzes
         Book quizzes may be taken via online Scholastic Lit-Pro or in the library if the computer units are available.

Book Rewards
       Filled Reading Logs must be surrendered to the Librarian or the Lit-Pro Teacher for card replacement and reward redemption.
     Book rewards will be given quarterly or as scheduled by the Lit-Pro Coordinator.typhoons and other natural calamities.

Health Protocols
          Health and Safety Protocols should be strictly followed.
              - Always wear your face mask.
              - Sanitize before entering the library.
              - Observe physical distancing. 
              - Students with any of the following: colds, cough, and fever will be advised to stay in the clinic.
              - Eating, drinking, making unnecessary noise, and other unrelated activities are strictly prohibited.
            - Using mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets for academic purposes must be requested and approved by the Division Head/Librarian.

  1. Reading Center -  Students may borrow and read scholastic fiction and non-fiction books within their targeted reading range (TRR), determined by the scholastic Lit-Pro Pre-test Result and take book quizzes after reading the books.

  2. Training Center - Selected students who will undergo academic trainings (M.T.A.P., Math/Chem Olympiad, Municipal Meet (Indoor Games), Debate and others, will be provided a designated place for their training program.

  3. Production/Reproduction - Faculty and students may have their researches and other printed materials needed in the completion of their performance task, researches and other related projects, to be reproduced in the library.

  4. Scholastic Consultation - Scholastic Consultants may meet the Lit-Pro Implementer/s for demonstration assessment, evaluation and consultation program.

  5. Special Program - Students who missed their examinations and other assessments may be sent to the library for a special program. Likewise, students who missed some of his/her classes due to illnesses may be given a Supervised Study Program in the library.

  6. Archives - Library will provide a space for archives where old manuscripts Old Magazines, School Paper, Yearbook lay-out, school events’ documentation to be kept for future use.

  7. Community Service Program - Students who were advised to render community service may be accommodated in the library. Different clerical work may be given to them to develop their skills and sense of responsibility.

Audio-Visual Room

         The Audio-Visual Room is one of the most important instructional media an Atheneum Faculty may utilize. They may use the LCD/Projector, Television, wide screen and other devices which will help the faculty and students to engage in a more interesting teaching-learning experience.

Library's Internet Access Are

         Atheneum Library will provide as much as possible, 15 computer units, and gradually increasing as the population increases, with internet access, to aid, not only the students who will be taking book quizzes, but more importantly, the high school students (junior and senior) in gathering data for their researches. They may also use the internet in the completion of their assigned tasks.


A. General Policies

  1. The library is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. from Monday to Friday.

  2. The library is open to all currently enrolled pupils/ students and employees.

  3. Former students, visitors and parents who wish to avail of the services of the library should seek permission from the School Directress before they can avail of the Library Services

  4. Keep the Library conducive for learning. Observe SILENCE at all times. Group discussions and other distracting noises must be avoided except for scheduled Special Library Services (those undergoing training with proper supervision of the moderator/facilitator).

  5. Respect and courteous behavior must be observed in dealing with the Librarian/staff.

  6. All the books and other resource materials should be handled with care. Markings, mutilations, and defacing of books and other library properties are not allowed. The offender will be subject to disciplinary action (see vandalism).

  7. Eating, sleeping, and unauthorized use of mobile phones and other gadgets are strictly prohibited inside the library.

  8. A request to authorize the use of laptops and cameras for Performance Task purposes must be presented to the librarian at least 2 days before the actual usage.

  9. Books should be returned in the proper shelves after using it.

  10. No two persons are allowed to sit in one chair.

  11. Computer units inside the library can be used to take scholastic book quizzes only.

  12. Using the library is a privilege which may be revoked anytime a student behaves irresponsibly or disrespectfully.

  13. If you were asked to leave the library for being disruptive or disrespectful

  1. Your first offense will be no library privileges for 1 week

  2. Your second offense will mean no library privileges for 2 weeks

  3. Your third offense will mean no library privileges for the remainder of the school year.

B. Borrower's Card

  1. All students must present their Borrower’s Card upon borrowing of books.

  2. Borrower’s Card are non-transferrable and can be confiscated if misused.

  3. Lost Borrower’s Card must be reported at once to the Librarian. Thirty pesos (P30.00) will be charged for the card replacement.

C. Entrance and Exit

  1. Upon entering the library, the student must write their names, section, and purpose of visit on the registration form.

  2. Borrowed books will be inspected together with the borrower’s card before leaving the library.

D. Borrowing Privileges

  1. Fiction and Non-fiction books can be borrowed for at least two days and a maximum of one week depending on the category of the book.

  2. Pupils and students are allowed to borrow two books at a time. It should be according to his/her Targeted Reading Range (TRR) (-100 and +50 from their lexile as determined by their Pre-test Scores.

  3. Borrowing books below student’s lexile /TRR will only be permitted upon their English Teacher’s approval.

  4. General Reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, atlas and almanacs are for Library’ use only.

  5. Professional Books are for teachers’ and staff’ use only.

  6. All students are responsible for the book/s checked out in their names.

E. Returning Policies

  1. Return borrowed materials on time so others can check them out, too.

  2. A fine of Php 1.50 / book per day will be imposed on overdue books. Weekends and special holidays, suspended classes due to natural calamities, school competitions are not included in counting the days in determining the fines.

  3. Those with an overdue book may not check out additional materials until the overdue book is returned.

  4. Only the borrower register on the Cand can return the borrowed materials, unless there are valid reasons for sending authorized representative to return the said materials.

F. Lost Book

  1. Lost book should be reported immediately to the Librarian to avoid accumulation of fines.

  2. The borrower may either pay for them or replaced them with the same or later edtion.

  3. Books returned with missing or torn pages will be the responsibility of the last borrower.

G. Faculty Guidelines

  1. Teachers who wish to borrow books that are used for teaching purposes can do so within the school year depending on the use and number of copies available in the library.

  2. The use of library by a whole class is mostly welcome provided the teacher makes a previous arrangement with the librarian. This must be made one day before the scheduled use of the library so that the librarian will have enough time to prepare the needed resources and ensure that there is no conflict with the schedule.

  3. Teachers are free to choose the books that are relevant to their subject matter.


A. Procedures in Requesting for Special Library Services

  1. Reserve the library two (2) working days before the scheduled activity (group research, training etc);

  2. Secure Library Reservation form from the Library Staff/Librarian

  3. Fill out two (2) copies of reservation forms properly;

  4. The form must be signed by the moderator, GS Principal/HS Head and the School Librarian; and

  5. Provide one (1) copy of the accomplished form to the Library Staff/ Librarian for preparation of materials needed.

B. Procedures in Requesting for Audio Visual Services

  1. Cassette/VHS tapes, VCDs/ DVDs Cassette/CD player reservation should be made a day before it will be used and to be returned before dismissal at 4:30p.m. of the same day it was borrowed;

  2. Cassette/VHS tapes, VCDs/DVDs are only allowed for instructional purposes in the classroom, AVR or other place within the school. These materials are NOT allowed to be loaned out and reproduced/dubbed for personal use;

  3. Flashcards/posters and other printed materials are given three (3) loaning days and are renewable for another three days;

  4. Overhead projector, LCD/ projectors and laptop, desktop reservation should be done three (3) days before use and a borrowed item is to be returned before 4:30 in the afternoon of the day the equipment was used;

C. Procedures in Requesting for Library's Internet Access Area

  1. Reserve the library’ internet access area for two (2) working days before the scheduled activity (individual research).

  2. Secure Library Reservation form from the Library Staff/Librarian

  3. Fill out two (2) copies of reservation forms properly;

  4. The form must be signed by the subject teacher, GS Principal/HS Head and the School Librarian; and

  5. Provide one (1) copy of the accomplished form to the Library Staff/ Librarian for confirmation.

D. Procedures in Requesting for Audio Visual Room

  1. Reservation should be made at least two (2) working days before the scheduled date;

  2. Fill out the reservation form in duplicate indicating clearly the resources needed; and

  3. Have the completed form signed by the GS principal, HS Head and AV-In-charge for confirmation of request.

E. Procedures in Requesting for Production/Reproduction of Instructional Materials

          Production/Reproduction of materials should be limited to classroom instruction and not for personal use.

          File request two (2) weeks before the scheduled date with the necessary materials needed for reproduction.

          Schedule of reproduction is from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 nn. (Saturday)only.



  1. Atheneum Library Desk is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm., Monday to Friday.

  2. Printed Materials/ Scholastic Books may be requested via email library@atheneum.edu.ph to be picked-up and to be returned in the designated pick-up/drop-off boxes.

  3. Parent or Guardian of the borrower who will receive or return the books must sign in the Log Sheet provided.

  4. A student may borrow a maximum of 5 books within their TRR (Targeted Reading Range) thru e-mail to be returned after a week or a maximum of 2 weeks.

  5. Health and Safety Protocols should be strictly followed


  • Wear mask at all times.

  • Observe physical distancing.

  • Sanitize using 70% alcohol solution if soap and water are not available.

  • Hand sanitizer, alcohol and wipes are available at the Library’s Circulation Desk.

  • Books are sanitized before release for your safety.

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